Hydrolyze Eye Cream

When it comes to under eye dark circles, there is no better formula than Hydrolyze Eye Cream. LifeCell & Revitol are much more powerful against many of the other signs of aging, but Hydrolyze is a real powerhouse in the area of under eye dark circles. Hydrolyze is a highly specialized formula that is made for the eye area. At first, we overlooked Hydrolize because our preliminary research only showed it having two active ingredients and it usually takes a combination of ingredients to work well. After researching an ingredient called Biophytex, we realized Hydrolyze definitely had its own niche cut out.


Our Research On Hydrolyze

Researching in a field where marketing hype and flat out lies dominate is so hard to do. You have to wade through the muck and mire to find the gold nuggets you are looking for. What gold nuggets? They are nuggets of truth. We had such a difficult time analyzing the pie in the sky claims that we decided to hire a consultant with a medical background to help us separate truth from fiction. She helped us cut right through the lies and get to the real meat of our research. She also showed us published studies in medical journals that we would have never found without her.


Active Ingredients In Hydrolyze

Biophytex: It was the ingredient Biophytex in Hydrolyze Eye Cream that struck her attention. Why? The Hydrolyze website explains it in more detail, but we will give you a brief overview. The cause of under-eye dark circles is capillaries leaking tiny amounts of blood under the skin. What Biophytex does is it breaks up the particles of blood under the skin’s surface and strengthens the capillaries.This gets rid of the dark circles and helps keep you from getting them again. Make sure to visit the Hydrolyze website for a more detailed explanation of this.
Dermox: The ingredient called Dermox is not some weak little afterthought either! It is a pretty awesome anti wrinkle ingredient in its own right. However, we feel like there is both truth and hype in the marketing of it. Even though it is a great anti wrinkle ingredient, it can’t do as much as the top six ingredients featured on this site. It has some great peptides in it and there is some real science that suggests it does a lot to help wrinkles. But it can’t compete with the other six ingredients we talked about on our top 3 anti aging cream page. Look at it this way…by treating your dark circles, you will be preventing and possibly reducing crows feet around your eyes.
Eyeliss: Eyeless™ is an amazing ingredient that helps reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness.

Why An Under Eye Dark Circle Cream?

This site is primarily dedicated to anti aging creams and Hydrolyze was primarily an under eye dark circle remover. Dark circles are not always about age, so we were reluctant to put this product on the blog. However, it does such an awesome job of removing dark circles that we figured we should feature hydrolyze as one of the top products. LifeCell and Revitol do such a superb job with anti aging that we decided to feature a product that was top notch in a slightly different area.

What About Customer Service?

Hydrolyze is very dedicated to making sure customer service issues are resolved. They even agreed to let me put a contact form that goes straight to a managers e-mail inbox. You won’t find this kind of commitment very often. I did a little research on the Better Business Bureau (link is to company profile on bbb.com) and found that every issue had been resolved. So, if you happen to have an unresolved issue with Hydrolyze, click here to get it resolved.

Bottom Line

If your main problem is dark circles look no further! Hydrolyze is the perfect solution. Here is a link to the Hydrolyze website. Hydrolyze is the absolute best at getting rid of under eye dark circles and it gives you some help with wrinkles around your eyes too. On the contrary, if you are trying to fight other age related problems, you need to check out our top 3 anti aging cream page. The other two featured products give a much wider array of solutions to your anti aging needs.


9 Responses to Hydrolyze Eye Cream

  • Ginger says:

    Thanks for the info.

  • Kalee says:

    I ordered it 10 minutes ago and I want to cancel it! what do I do? I’m so afraid of getting money taken from me. Please help!

  • Linda says:

    Make sure (with any company) you call them and get an RMA number before sending it back. Even if there is a long wait…stay after them until you get this resolved.

    I copied this from their website:

    How do I cancel the Hydrolyze Beauty Auto Ship Program?
    Simply call our toll-free customer service number at 866-922-9787 or email us at customerservice@Hydroxatone.com and we will cancel your membership immediately.

  • Kalee says:

    Thanks, Linda. You’re the best. :]

  • Jody says:

    I have to say that after trying just about every over the counter under dark circle cream, in all different price ranges, that Hydrolyze lightened the dark circles under my eyes by at least 5 shades! I barley had to wear under eye cover up cream any more. Just sometimes when I did not sleep well. It is expensive though so I tried another product by Timeless Skin Care which said it had the same ingredients as Hydrolyze and it was half the price. So I bought it from Amazon.com. As I read the ingredients on the back of the bottle I noticed that it did not say Matryxl™3000 on it, but I kept it anyway. I’m sorry I did. My dark under eye circles started coming back and within a month I am almost back where I started. I should have just returned it right away but shipping is such a hassle. Now I have found another product on e-bay that also claims to have the same two ingredients that Hydrolyze has but is also more than half the price. A crazy as this sounds, I am thinking of try that one now. I am unemployed and have been for over a year so money is a big issue with me. But this time if it does not have the right ingredients, I will return it. If you can afford the Hydrolyze I recommend that you get it.
    Good Luck to you all

  • Lisa says:

    What do you think? OK , I am a 39 year old women who has had dark circles scince i was a teenager. I am guessing it is hereditary or just bad luck. Will this product work in my case? Please tell me the truth Linda.

  • Linda says:

    Yes…I do believe it will work. The ingredient haloxyl is what makes it work. Dark circles are caused by blood under the surface of your skin and this product breaks up the blood and makes it go away.

  • Lisa says:


  • Ron says:

    What do you think?It’s been some time since I tried the product based on the radio ad. but did not run into a problem returning it. Of course, I didn’t go a full 30 days. I also clarified the last date to contact them for a return as I suspected it was based on the order date, not receive date as seems to be common with this type of marketing. I also thought that I had the return information in the package too because I remember it made me feel a little better ordering as they appeared to not play games. I had the burning that others have mentioned and it was annoying enough I didn’t think I would be able to use it long term. I’m about to go read about Revitol and LifeCell right now.
    Thanks Linda